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The School of Prayer and Intercession is designed to make sure that our students are not inept, unskilled and untrained but properly furnished and skillful in the works of righteousness. It is intended to weed out arrogance and ignorance out of the community of believers (teachers, students, authorities, end users and the general population of our nation and around the world). It is intended to educate and promote divine intelligence in our people who will act in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit in accordance with the Word of God with a sense of superiority in mental action. This is the power of resurrection which is defined as the moral recovery of spiritual truths. The School of Prayer and Intercession properly understood is a school of discourse where the students and users are encouraged to persevere and pursue the Lord in prayer and intercession for the desire results. We understand that prayer and intercession require persistence and perseverance, determination and grit at the expense of one’s personal commitment to the resources of this life and the result obtained from the hand of the Lord. The School of Prayer and Intercession is geared to generate and promote the spirit of revival in the land by the work of the Holy Spirit.